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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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lenge to the 49ers fans going to that dome. they want to make it as loud and as unpleasant as possible. they understand that the 49ers are the big dog. they understand that the 49ers are the favorite in this game. so they want every advantage they can get that that georgia dome tomorrow. regarding the 49ers, as we take a look at what it looked like at the team hotel this afternoon as jim harbaugh was signing autographs, somewhere in that sea of players, we did not see michael crabtree, along he was there, amid the serious sexual allegations. i asked a couple of fans if they thought that was going to be a distraction. >> he's out there to play. you gotta forget about your personal stuff on the field. he's out there to win. >> are you buying that? >> i think harbaugh will keep everybody focused. i think he'll keep everybody on the game plan. they'll be fine. they'll be fine. >> i'd like our focus and
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concentration to be the highest it's been. i'd like guys to go out and play the best game that they've ever played here. that's the hope. that's the expectation. then we'll find out all of those things on sunday. >> reporter: all right. so we'll see how it all unfolds at game time tomorrow at noon, in san francisco, 3:00 here. michael crabtree is their biggest offensive weapon in the receiving core. so we'll see if it's weighing on his mind or not, but i seriously doubt it. back to you in the studio. >> vern glenn, thank you so much. as you heard harbaugh say, the emphasis for the 49ers is staying focused. after a few more walk-throughs today, the team is about as ready as they're going to get, for the showdown against the falcons tomorrow. both teams got to the play-offs last year only to end up being eliminated. in fact, this is the falcons' third postseason appearance.
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the 49ers last year lost to the new york giants. for all things kaepernicking and for all things 49ers leading up to tomorrow's game and the super bowl, head to well, a fatal shooting at the bayfair bart station in san leandro closed the station all afternoon while police investigated. elizabeth wenger is at the station. >> reporter: at this point, the bart station at bayfair is still closed. they're set to reopen it any minute. just a few minutes ago, we saw a train run through without stopping. this all happened around noon. since that time, the bart station was shut down. that is about five hours now. it happened at this bus zone just adjacent to the station. we talked about police. they say multiple shots rang out. and that's when one african- american male in his 40's was
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killed. another female victim, non-life- threatening injuries. so she is supposed to be okay. police say they do have one suspect in custody. that person, again, in custody at this point. but they're not sure about others that may still be on the loose. there were also several witnesses to the crime. and surveillance video that was taken on a nearby transit bus that may give them some clues. at this point, we still don't have a motive. police say there was another shooting at the pittsburg bay point station just last month. this type of crime is still very rare. >> it is a rare occasion for the bart district. so this is atypical. but it's a safe and secure system. >> reporter: and, again, we just saw another train run by while this sound bite was rolling, so at this point, the bayfair bart station is still closed but they hope to have it open in the next 15 minutes or so. there were police officers also
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on scene here on the ground when the crime happened, so the response time was pretty quick, and they did catch that one suspect in a residential neighborhood. live in san leandro, i'm elizabeth wenger, cbs 5. washington, d.c. is getting ready for monday's presidential inauguration. security preparations are underway. inauguration day is usually january 20, but since that day falls on a sunday, the official swearing in will be held in private tomorrow. the public event will take place on monday. and christin ayers is in washington, d.c. to cover all the inaugural events which begin today with a national day of service. >> reporter: president obama is continuing a tradition he started four years ago, a national day of service, a day of giving back on the national mall, and we track down a san francisco resident who came all the way out here to take part in it. president obama rolled up his
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sleeves to help spruce up a washington, d.c. elementary school today. the president and first lady stained a bookshelf as part of their national day of service project. >> the very young people did some really good work. and some of the older folks, like me, who it hurt getting our knees -- kind of bending down a little bit, we were able to manage also. >> reporter: one of those young people, san francisco resident erika chain. she also pitched in today, painting a washington, d.c. elementary school a day after meeting mr. obama face to face. >> it's unreal. i walked out of the oval office and i had to have someone pinch me. i said, i felt it. it's real. it did happen. it's really just an honor. >> reporter: it was chain's way of saying thank you to the obama campaign. chane suffered a brain tumor in 2010 while she was out of the country and uninsured. >> i started applying to every insurance plan i could, because they had to perform brain
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surgery to keep me alive. every plan you can think of, all of them denied me. >> reporter: in this video which she made for the obama campaign, she says the only reason she was able to get insurance for her preexisting condition was because of obamacare. >> i recovered 100% from a life- threatening brain tumor. >> reporter: chain said giving back was the least she could do as part of a day of service tradition president obama started four years ago to honor dr. martin luther king jr. >> i just wanted an opportunity to say thank you to everyone that worked so hard on the campaign. >> reporter: really a wonderful day out there on the national mall today. next we'll be heading to california's ball, talking to some of the top state legislators who will be there, about issues like gun control and the democratic super majority. >> there's talk that there's less excitement than there was four years ago, when the
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president's inauguration was unprecedented. what is it like there? >> reporter: i think there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm out here, although i will say, from what we've seen today, we have not certainly seen the crowds that there were out and about four years ago. certainly the energy is there, but it seems like so far it will be a much smaller number of people in attendance this time around. >> all right. christin ayers in washington, d.c. tonight. thank you so much. and stay with cbs 5 for complete coverage of the inauguration with special reports tomorrow and monday from christin in washington. the hostage crisis in algeria in which at least one american was killed ended today in a final bloody assault. algerian special forces stormed the gas plant where islamic militants were holding foreign workers hostage, including americans. the clash left at least 23 hostages dead. dozens of foreign workers are still unaccounted for,
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including four americans. the algerian government says all 32 militants were killed. well, surf's up but it's proving to be a bit danger. the re
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riptides put four surfers into dangerous waters near the cliff house today. coast guard rescue crews were called to ocean beach after the surfers were reported missing. one witness told cbs 5 the surfers were struggling to get back to shore. >> it was looking pretty precarious. the waves were big. they kept tumbling them. but they eventually worked their way to the shore without any assistance. >> the effort to save the surfers comes after the national weather service issued a high surf advisory. but it's not enough to just stay out of the water this weekend. standing or walking along the shore can be just as hazardous. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec tells us sneaker waves also pose a very real danger. >> reporter: i >> reporter:
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>> i love to watch the shells. >> reporter: she's already experienced a sneaker wave. >> it was a big swell. i was so busy looking at the waves and all of a sudden, the foam came up. >> reporter: sneakers appear out of no where and can wash more than 100 feet farther than regular breakers. this weekend, the conditions are right. >> a lot of the people are out here with their dogs, kids, and i can't even watch sometimes, because i know how these waves are. >> reporter: this family came to check them out for themselves. >> every wave breaks definitely. it's kind of like watching a fire. it's very cool and mesmerizing. >> it's enormous. i needed to get out. >> reporter: a man was walking with his wife and dog when a wave knocked the woman and dog over. the man went to help them, but
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he was knocked down by another wave and swept out to sea. dogs who play in the water are easily carried far from shore. >> my dog is terrified of the ocean. >> reporter: the coast guard says if your dog is dragged into the ocean, don't try to rescue it. dogs are better swimmers and have a better chance of making it back than humans. in marin county, anne makovec, cbs 5. it almost felt like the dog days of summer. we had warmer weather here in the bay area. now, rain and its return. the pinpoint forecast, as
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oh, check this out. a set of superhero wheels is heading from the mean streets of gotham city to some lucky bidder's garage. the original batmobile went on the auction block today. it started as a concept car before being transformed into a crime-fighting machine. the car could fetch as much as $5 million. well, a would-be robber in houston, texas, managed to break more than he could take. police say it happened early friday morning when the man tried to break in and then fell through the ventilation system. the owner says this is the second time someone has broken into the store through the roof. by the time police arrived, the man was gone. he grabbed liquor, cigarettes
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and cash and got out of there. mobile weather -- that's your ride. >> well, i always wanted to be bat girl, so that would be pretty cool. but mobile weather has become my new toy. i call it lightning on wheels. >> there you go. >> it's really smooth. and yesterday i took it for its very first time across the golden gate bridge where we were taking a look at the surf as it continues to build here in the bay area. good evening. let's go ahead and step outside. this is our weather camera, looking out towards the tower. official sundown was at 5:18. by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning at 7:23, we will still have temperatures below 32 degrees. right now, it's 60 in redwood city. san francisco, 58. upper 50's to the north in santa rosa. to the south, in san jose, it is currently 59. we do have an offshore wind out of the northeast rotating to the east at 12 miles an hour. in napa, it will be freezing.
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below freezing in santa rosa. 28 in livermore. tonight, not as cold but still freezing. 40's will be common across the central bay. this is san jose with a veil of high thin clouds. slightly above normal for this time of year. tonight freezing. cooler and cloudy by wednesday. right there, storm track. obviously well to the north of the bay area, due to a huge dome of high pressure that is now just settling in over the western states. as it does so, it's providing us with ample sunshine. and tomorrow, our high temperatures very similar to today. we're talking 60's at the seashore, except santa cruz, topping off near 69 degrees. mids 60's will be common for mountain view back through palo alto. 60 at the delta. and a pair of sixes in downtown
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san jose. offshore winds continue very slight. it is not a spare the air day, but we will see a little bit of a tinge in the atmosphere. increasing cloud cover on wednesday and cooler temperatures. partly cloudy on thursday. then we reintroduce the possibility of rain in the forecast by friday and on saturday. it's about time, because we've been experiencing these very cool and dry days. and we need some rain to clear out the atmosphere from all that stagnation that's been occurring. >> and give those plants some water. >> yeah. instead of cold. how is your hibiscus? >> one night we didn't cover it and -- our kim coyle is here and we've got niners and giants. the 49ers will be playing in the dome tomorrow. we'll take you back to atlanta. and is the beard on the move? i'll give you the late hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart
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brought to you by sleep train, remembering and honoring martin luther king, jr. we're less than 24 hours away from kickoff. and not only have the 49ers arrived but so have the 49er faithful. here's vern glenn in atlanta. >> reporter: just practicing my colin kaepernicking. it's what he does after he scores touchdowns. hey, look at these 49er fans here in atlanta. they're already trying to perfect it!
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>> kaepernick, yeah! >> reporter: as for the team, under heavy security. here they were arriving after an hour and a half walk- through. coach jim harbaugh was the only one who satisfied the autograph seekers. >> are you fairly confident about tomorrow? >> absolutely! absolutely! >> no doubt. >> we've got a good, tough offense i don't think their defense can handle. >> reporter: meantime, at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> new orleans style! don't give up! >> you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> they will win on sunday because why? >> because justin smith is going to do his thing and aldon smith is gonna have to do his thing. if they do their things, the defense sets up, do what they did last week, and the offense is going to step up, like they did last week. we're gonna be all right.
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>> reporter: not quite the kaepernick tattoo but this will do. one more trip, to new orleans, and super bowl xlvii! in atlanta, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> all right. thanks vern. the radars have named greg olson their new offensive coordinator. olson becomes the team's fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. college hoops, david shaw in attendance to see cal. muscles his way in the bucket. stanford up 8 at halftime. justin cobbs brings cal within a point. but that's as close as the bears got. chasson randle, 15. stanford goes on to knock off the rivals, 69-59. usf trying to snap out of
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their losses. second half, usf pulls away. they finally get their first win. jim boeheim and syracuse looking to upset top-ranked louisville. michael carter finishes with a slush. for the second straight week, another no. 1 goes down. 70-68. >> i will be back next year, opening day. and for the next ten years in this city. if you guys want me? i don't know [ applause ] >> the general manager told the new york post he doesn't expect brian wilson to return next
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season. he reportedly struggles in workouts. stan the man passed away recently. he spent his entire career with the u.s. cardinals and played in 24 all-star games. hall of famer manager earl weaver passed away last night. the earl of baltimore led the orioles to the play-offs four times. he was best known for his fiery temper. he was 82 years old. really sad. you don't think people are getting older, and it's just sad to see some of the great ones pass away. >> two amazing legends. let me ask you about brian wilson. he needs another year to recuperate? >> pretty tough to come back from two tommy johns. teams always need closers and
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if there's one guy who will prove that he can do it, it's wilson. here's what we're working on for eye witness news at 6:30. >> it's my gun! >> reporter: across the country, they called it a rally of support of the second amendment. a look at how gun appreciation day unfolded right here in the bay area. and that's it for our news at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour. until then, our news updates are on good night!
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>> tonight, the siege in the sahara is over. an algerian army assault leaves
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more than 20 captives dead and many questions about the militants behind it. charlie d'agata with the latest. notre dame linebacker manti te'o insists he was the victim in the online girlfriend hoax. dean reynolds is tracking the story. they're supposed to be banned from buying guns. >> this is a person who was severely mentally disabled. he should never have had access to a handgun. >> we'll show you how many states still fail to report the names of the mentally ill. and strike up the band. chip reid has the story of an air force musician who's playing at the inauguration while training the next generation. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. four days after it started, the standoff between algerian forces and al qaeda-linked militants in the the sahara desert is over.


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